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Free Introduction to Meditation Class

Discover inner peace and mindfulness in our 1-hour Intro to Meditation class. Join us as we embark on a journey to calm your mind, reduce stress, and cultivate a sense of serenity. Learn the art of quieting the chaos within. Whether you're a beginner or seeking a deeper practice, this class is your gateway to a more centered and balanced life. Let go of distractions and embrace the present moment. Find your inner stillness and unlock the transformative power of meditation. Join us for a serene start on your journey to inner and outer peace.

Classes avaialble in person or online. 

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Group Meditation Classes In-person/Online

Join our group meditation classes, where we come together to experience and expand collective consciousness. Within this space, we'll delve into the profound synergy that arises when individual energies merge into a unified whole. Through guided meditation and shared intention, we'll tap into the immense power of collective mindfulness, experiencing heightened awareness, amplified positivity, and a deeper sense of interconnectedness.

Join us on this journey as we harness the transformative potential of our collective presence to cultivate peace, harmony, and unity within ourselves and the world around us.

Classes avaialble in person or online.

Prices range from FREE to $25. 

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Meditation Class

Primordial Sound Meditation Course $225

Primordial Sound Meditation originates in the ancient wisdom of India. The practice is based on the vibrational quality of primordial sounds.Your Primordial Sound is the sound vibration of the universe when vou were born. It is determined by Vedic Astrology, the time, place and lunar position during your birth.

During this 4 session course you will learn Primordial Sound Meditation and your own personal primordial sound mantra. We will also cover the philosophy of Vedanta, the power of sound and mantra, practical applications, and higher states of consciousness

Price is $225 for 4 sessions. We offer several discounts. Please contact to inquire if you qualify. 

Classes are approximately 60 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes for Q&A

Next Class Series:

  • Session 1: January 13, 3:00-4:30 PM
  • Session 2: January 13-15, by appointment
  • Session 3: January 20, 3:00-4:30 PM 
  • Session 4: January 27, 3:00-4:30
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